WBBM NewsRadio Holiday Money

Listen for your name in a secret Holiday Money giveaway Weekdays about 8:19am, 2:19pm & 5:19pm.

We're helping to spread some holiday cheer! If WBBM mentions your name on air, just call us at 800-784-NEWS (6397) within 15 minutes, and you'll win $500.

We could mention your name at about 8:19am, 2:19pm or 5:19pm weekdays from November 5th through 30th except Thanksgiving Day.   If your name is announced, call WBBM at 800-784-NEWS(6397) within 15 minutes & you’ll win $500. Listen November 5 – 30 (except Thanksgiving) for your chance to win!

To improve your chances, let us know what time you'd prefer to listen.  Email Us Here