At Issue: House Republican Leader Jim Durkin Criticizes Priztker's New Tax Plan

Craig Dellimore
April 19, 2019 - 5:39 pm

Craig Dellimore/WBBM


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A leading Republican lawmaker said Governor JB Pritzker and the majority Democrats may have the votes for a graduated income tax, but the plan is misdirected and he’s fighting hard to stop it.

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin said he’ll work with Pritzker where he can, but the Governor’s effort to change Illinois tax structure so that the rich pay more is missing the big picture.

While Pritzker and his supporters are pushing forward with the proposal for the so-called Fair Tax, Republicans and their allies are trying to slow the charge. Leader Jim Durkin said the Administration should resolve Illinois’ $140 billion pension debt before any attempt is made to change the tax system.

Durkin and the Republicans want to change the Constitution to allow more flexibility on pension benefits. And he doesn’t think much of Pritzker saying only people making a quarter million dollars plus will pay more under his tax plan. He says $250-thousand may sound like a lot, but for a family of 6 in the suburbs, that would not go far.

Jim Durkin and Craig Dellimore discuss Pritzker's new tax plan on this week's At Issue. (Craig Dellimore/WBBM)

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